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good adventure tour in vietnam

to stop the bright green rice fields of Vietnam, country, hustle and bustle of the city, roofs, large colonial buildings, temples, temples and exotic bamboo hut, and the stunning mountain and beach.

Vietnam is a country with bright green rice fields, the crowded city streets, thatched huts made of bamboo, a large colonial building, temple, temples, exotic beaches and breathtaking mountains closure.

Two great capitals of the country's capital is elegant, Hanoi, and the economic vitality and strength, Ho Chi Minh City. North of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, in the south. Most visitors start to the trip to Vietnam, the two cities.

Hanoi Railway, Sabah, the highest mountain in Vietnam, in the north of the house the night of colorful ethnic minorities. East of Hanoi, the magnificence of the natural world a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thousands of islands rising from the emerald-green bay Halong Bay Limestone.

Hue, the ancient imperial capital of Nguyen Dynasty, the short drive south of Hanoi, the historic trading port of Hoi An, a scenic three hours Hoirido

Vietnam Nha Trang Beach Resort is located on the south coast of the compromise of the Prime Minister. Other places to love and Banfantiettokuinyon. The former colonial power plants, the hills' internal switch Kawama Mekong Delta Nha Trang is only a few hours of the Mekong River flows into the sea in the south is Vietnam's rice basket.

Quick directions
1st Day: Arrival in Hanoi
2nd Tag: Visit Hanoi
3rd Tag: Hanoi - train Victoria Sabah
Day 4: Saba
5th Tag: Sapa - Hanoi
Day 06: Hanoi - Halong Bay
7th Tag: Halong Bay - Hanoi
Day 8: Hanoimandara - Nha Trang - Anna hidden tax evasion
9 Mandala fraud: Anna Cash
10-day fraud Mandala: Anna Cash
Day 11: Anamandara cash scam - Nha Trang - Ho Chi Minh City
12th Tag: Ho Chi Minh City departure

Other trends

1st Day: Arrival - Hanoi
We met, will be forwarded to the hotel. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, an elegant city, the best preparation and colonial architecture and old world charm of Asia. And many lakes and parks provide a relaxing atmosphere. If time permits, we have to sell these places as soon as the name of a particular product when the old town a short drive to downtown intersection provided by the bear. Latitude / Hanoi

Day 2: Hanoi city tour
Morning: 8:00 Departure from your hotel, tour bus begins its journey along the old city of Hanoi. Later, the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City, visiting the complex - and his father, the great-uncle's final resting place of Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh City and the Pillar, where the left breast livedon years 1958 - 1969 by Vietnam and other countries goes. I was, where visitors can learn all about President Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh City Museum, read to find the. Place an order to go to the temple - a group of structures temple in the middle of a square lake and the tower. Temple Temple of Literature series left - the first university in Vietnam and dedicated to Confucius. Lunch Restaurant. / ON to Hanoi in the morning: After breakfast drive to visit Chankuokkupagoda, located on the shores of West Lake. Kuantan Temple and Museum of Ethnology (Museum of History) - you will find a mosaic of 54 Vietnamese ethnic culture. Juan Fri and Lake City (last visit), Ngoc Son Temple Restore Sword Lake. By late afternoon, we, n / Hanoi Water Puppet shares shown.O

Day 3: Hanoi Railway Station Victoria - End News
You can enjoy the colonial city of Hanoi on the day of free entertainment. You are old, narrow streets of the selection or cultural heritage, entertainment, and some of the many museums in Hanoi, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, to our 54 ethnic minorities, especially dedicated. China as possible in jail before "should be known as visiting prisoners as Hanoi Hilton. Senator John McCain a few more well-known clients, Dagurasupitason after the Vietnam War, America First, you can walk through the French Quarter ambassadors, most of the local embassy. Is to our Asian urban parks and lakes in Hanoi on only one day of shopping or perhaps help to relax the old request. starting with the night train from the capital of the border town of Lao Cai in Vietnam at the end of the story from the trip. luxury Victoria Express to go at 22:00

News Day 4: b
06.00 clock for the arrival in Lao Cai railway station. Sabah is waiting for us our car. Sabah is a wish for 33 kilometers, it takes about 1.5 hours. After the end of the news, we work in the hotel restaurant with breakfast and Tavan, find your hotel in the morning, enjoy the freedom of the City of Victoria to explore. Aftert Hotel pick up at 10, set only a few people, the black cat H'mong hill tribe village will be home. We walk Wadisaba in the village, we meet new people in their journey of a few local mackerel. We need to share the cultural experiences and opportunities for families in the area. Accommodation Hoterubikutoriaseiba

5th Tag: Sapa - Hanoi
Us as we explore the Sunday breakfast market mackerel, and take us 3-4 hours after the tour, and Raosukanta Baffaropasu district, home of the H'mong hill tribe village and some people from Dzay. This is the view of some friendly people through is quite amazing, the house can go to meet them. Kantaban way to the village picnic. This afternoon we were trained to Lao Cai Bikutoriaekusupuresubakkuhanoi. The train leaves the station at 9:15 clock.

Day 06: Hanoi - Ha Bay,
Arrive in Hanoi at 5:00. Pick up from here go to the restaurants and scenery. Halong Bay is the most impressive of the main attractions of Vietnam really wonderful. Name of town on an expedition boat, the legendary Halong Bay, we go. This exciting cruise, and a mixture of limestone islands rising amazingly beautiful view of the sky and more than 3,000 people five hours unlimited contact conditions to a clear emerald green deliver us. The beach and limestone karst formations, caves and beautiful cave instead. We are slow and quiet coves, hidden swimming fun visit to anchor one of the many caves under rocks. Keep unwanted on the cruise

7th Tag: Halong Bay - the Hanoi
Wake up after breakfast, we offer on the board. Continue to walk around the bay. Xers cave boat ride, go back to visit you on the ship. Then you get to the dock before the descent back to the branch to Hanoi. Dong Trieu Street to visit a ceramic and pottery village. When the four arrived in Hanoi. Free time. Hanoi Hotels

8th Tag: Hanoi - Nha Trang - Evasonhaidaueiana Mandala
The hotel, raised a transfer to spend three nights Bakuninbanbeievasonhaidauei overlooking the beautiful villa in a quiet flight to Nha Trang airport Puraibetopuruanamandararizoto Noi Bai station.

9: Time Evasonhaidaueirizotoanamandara
Snorkelling in crystal clear water reef diving, and nature trails, admire the mountains or just relax and enjoy the white sand and cool off in pools of their own spa treatment, to protect the oceans

Day 10: The Evasonhaidaueirizoto in Anna Mandala
And station are in your free time.

11 days: Evasonhaidaueirizoto - Nha Trang
hort trip, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang airport transfers and city shopping mall in the country more restaurants and shops. Visit Chinatown, Temple Tienhau, United Palace, the Opera and City Hall. They contain the remains of the shift of the War Museum. In order to explore overseas markets and Dong Khoi Street colorful, high-end boutique clothing and accessories, sales and the city's major shopping and design of the new Vietnamese designers, hill tribe crafts, sheets, high quality domestic appliances. The replacement of the South Vietnamese coffee ice cream and strong coffee (baguette sandwich), which tries several hours Enjoy Ho Chi Minh City offers.

12th Tag: Ho Chi Minh City - follow the
Free time to relax or explore more of the Ho Chi Minh City. After the visit transfer to the airport Sannyattan exit left.

The price includes:
- Traffic and individual
- Sharing with breakfast in Suteitsuin
- English or French guide
- Domestic: Hanoi - Nha Trang / Nha Trang - Ho Chi Minh City
- Victoria Express from Sabah
- Local taxes
Halong Bay - and the Mekong Delta Boat Tour
- Meals as shown in the program
Travel - Tickets
- Taxes and Fees

No price does not include:
- International flights
Price - Visa, Visa
- International departure tax
- Personal expenses, tips
- Travel Insurance
- Eating and Drinking
- About $ 100 per person in Business Class Airline Optional


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